Our Products and Services


Our products and services are varied and customer-focused, ranging from day-to-day transactional banking services to complex financing structures. Loans and overdrafts are the key banking products. We also offer:


  • 1. Current Accounts
  • 2. Savings Accounts
  • 3. Foreign Currency
  • 4. Mobile Banking
  • 5. Money Transfers
  • 6. International Wire Transfers
  • 7. Investment Banking
  • 8. Electronic Banking
  • 9. Safe Custody
  • 10. Bonds & Guarantees
  • 11. Letters of Credit
  • 12. MoneyGram


Timeline of Key Events


Change of Name to ‘Rokel Commercial Bank’ -------------------------- September 1999


Barclays Bank of Sierra Leone sold off its shares to the Government of Sierra Leone and withdrew its operation in the country. A 100% Sierra Leonean management team took over with only one branch (located at the Head Office) operating at the time.


Computerised banking software Univbank------------------------------- December 1999


This Bank moved from a manual branch banking arrangement to a real-time wide-area network that endorsed the idea of ‘banking with the bank’ and not a branch.


Clock Tower Branch----------------------------------------------------------- January 2000


Bo Branch------------------------------------------------------------------------ December 2000


Kenema Branch---------------------------------------------------------------- July 2001


Wellington Branch------------------------------------------------------------- December 2001


This branch was opened to provide banking services to the community in the industrial area of the capital city, Freetown.



Automated Teller Machines------------------------------------------------- December 2001


ATM machines were installed at the Bank’s branches for the convenience of customers and the public at large, moreso to take the crowd off our banking halls.


Koidu Branch------------------------------------------------------------------- August 2003


Soon after the civil war, this branch was opened in the diamondiferous Kono District in the south eastern region of Sierra Leone.



Moyamba Branch ------------------------------------------------------------- December 2004


This remains the only bank in the headquarter town of Moyamba District.


Congo Cross Branch----------------------------------------------------------- April 2006


The Bank’s second largest branch was opened in April 2006.


Makeni Branch----------------------------------------------------------------- January 2008


Opened as a hub for northern Sierra Leone, this branch supports mobile banking activities in other major towns in the district.


Rokel Bank Celebrated its 10th Years ------------------------------------- September 2009



Pujehun Branch---------------------------------------------------------------- August 2010


This sub-branch originally functioned twice a week but in August 2010 it was established as a full-time branch



Mobile Banking Operations-------------------------------------------------- 2009


The Bank procured specially built vehicles that were fitted with computers, safes and other to represent a small make-shift branch. These ‘mobile banks’ are used to carry out banking activities in remote areas and other places were a bank is not present.


Internet Banking  -------------------------------------------------------------- 2009


Point of Sale Terminals------------------------------------------------------ 2009


Swipe card point-of-sale terminals were introduced in shops and fuel stations for the first time in Sierra Leone.



Charlotte Street Branch Opening------------------------------------------ September 2010



Rokel Visa Debit Cards------------------------------------------------------- September 2010


Rokel Visa Debit cards were launched following Visa International’s certification of the Bank as an Acquirer and Issuer. Visa ATM machines installed at the Bank’s premises and other locations were the first to be introduced in Sierra Leone.



SMS Banking ------------------------------------------------------------------- July 2011


Our value-added service to provide real-time notification via mobile phones to customers, for all transactions made through their accounts, was introduced.



Most Profitable Bank in Sierra Leone------------------------------------- December 2011


Visa Point of Sale Terminals------------------------------------------------ October 2012


The first-ever Visa compliant point-of-sale terminals were distributed amongst shops, restaurants, hotels and fuel stations.


ROKEL COMMERCIAL BANK Celebrates 15 year of doing business……………..September 2014