Premium Kids Account

This account is for children below 18 years. It is intended to teach children the value of savings, and to plan for the future.

  • For children below 18 years
  • Can be opened as a trust account by parents, or guardians
  • Open with Le. 60,000.00
  • Minimum balance Le. 50,000.00
  • Attractive Interest Rate
  • Regular deposits required
  • Withdrawals 4 times monthly; penalty fee charged for more than 4 withdrawals monthly
Requirements for opening:
  • Two passport sized photos (parent or guardian)
  • Identification:- Passport, ID card, or Driving License
  • Birth certificate of child
  • Attractive gifts
  • Your child will be taught the value of saving
  • Funds will be available for spending of school fees and other necessities
  • Further incentives introduced every year